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By travelling, you discover new places, different cultures, different traditions and you might feel frightened from all these changes.

UNDERRATED's latest destination was the United Arab Emirates (UAE), visiting mainly Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Dubai will be hosting the World Expo in 2020, uniting 192 nations in one place. It's goal is to show the world that, regardless of our differences, we are united.

Between our countries, Luxembourg and the UAE, there are a lot of differences, culture, religion, climate food, and so on. But these differences have a more powerful purpose than it initially seems.

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At UNDERRATED we believe that especially the things that we don´t have in common are the things that unite us the most. Differences don´t mean that we have to be enemies and be thorn apart, differences mean that everyone is unique and that everyone has their own value.  We believe that this value reaches their maximum potential when being shared with other people, people that are "different".

Don´t let differences separate us, we want people to connect, share ideas, create friendships, add their value to someone's life.

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This edition is a statement to show everyone, that even if someone has a different culture than you have, a different skin colour, speaks a different language, that you shouldn't back off. You should approach the person, speak to them, get to know them.

We live in a time where looks, origins define who a person is. This edition is for everyone who wants to show that uniting with different people isn´t only possible, it´s necessary to achieve change.

The United Edition is only the beginning of our move to show that differences unite us, help us being more connected than we were ever before. This is only the beginning of our journey uniting people through their differences, showing that together we can achieve more. Be prepared for what is still to come.

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17/07/2019 - 6 PM

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